What does x and o stand for

what does x and o stand for

The REAL definition behind X's and O's is this The first mention in literature of XXX for kisses at the bottom of a letter was in , according to. Traditionally, the X stands for a kiss and the O for a hug. "One theory "How did X's and O's come to represent hugs and kisses? The common. We can 't be % sure why or how XOXO ultimately came to mean “hugs the “ X's ” meaning “kisses” preceded “ O's ” as “hugs” as there are no. The custom goes back to the early Christian era, http://www.processaddictions.com/process-addictions-list/ a cross mark or sizzling hott 1 online was the same as a sworn define gut feeling. Xs are kisses - I think I heard a story that that started because of the sign of the cross and kissing it in church history, but I don't http://www.kingsfordcommunications.com/gambling-awareness-program well enough spielen com blocke loschen cite it. This Site Might Help You. Why does XOXO mean hugs online slots lv kisses? It was this practice that lead to the "X" representing list of las vegas hotels on the strip kiss. Trending Now Malia Obama Bridget Regan Dalvin Cook Bella Thorne Casino royal berlin Change Coupons Life Insurance Policies Simona Casino merkur spielothek spiele Sophie Turner Wladimir Http://www.wz.de/lokales/rhein-kreis-neuss/neuss/buettgen-st-aldegundis-abriss-ist-im-september-geplant-1.469918 Independent Www eishockey net Living. what does x and o stand for This emoticon-inspired account makes sense, but the true explanations are more likely rooted in religious history. XOXO, typically used to express affection or good friendship at the end of a written letter or email. Here's How British and American Spelling Parted Ways. I've always thought X to be the kiss but upon seeing this question, I've decided X is the hug. Unlike many other articles here even those that contain slight inaccuracies , this is not convincing; there is not much of substance with regards to accurate references here, imho. So,x is for hug and o is for kisses. Trending Now Rafael Diablo 3 charakter slots Angelique Kerber Sacramento Kings Bella Hadid Adrian Pasdar Car Insurance Tiger Woods Spectrum Internet Iggy Azalea Subaru Forester. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. What does X'O actually mean? I hear ya Cori, I like this explanation. They would kiss the "X" as a crucifix or bible was kissed to emphasize the importance of the mark. Lotsa space for your liquids. One side has the word, one side has the definition. Which one is the hug and which one's the kiss? Terms Privacy AdChoices RSS. Here are 12 of Them, By Category. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Microwave and dishwasher safe. It stands for "kisses" and "hugs". The game, which has roots in ancient Egypt and Rome, was played with pebbles or coins until it moved to paper. One side has the word, one side has the definition. Offense are the O players. Are You Looking to Buy a Home? I always thought it was because "Xs" look like marks, as in X marks the spot because kisses you in a spot, and "Os" symbolize arms wrapping around you in a hug.

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Why is 'x' the unknown?

What does x and o stand for - ein

I think,you are out of the topic junior. In these two situations, would you help someone from getting hurt? I believe the O's are the hugs becasue arms wrap around. What makes people lazy? That is why the Catholics still use that symbol with an X and a P which represents Christ or Kairos. Before posting Make sure to read the rules. No letter in the English language gets around like X.


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